Your simple donation can assist in getting fundamental human rights.

To uphold fundamental human rights is access to clean and safe drinking water. The Pure Water initiative is a crucial part of the Ruhama Foundation. Worldwide, around 26% of people can not access safe drinking water. People risk dehydration due to a lack of safe and clean water. Also, a lack of safe water can cause diseases and death. Donate to the Ruhama Foundation to establish sustainable solutions.

Pure Water

How does the Ruhama Foundation work on pure water with your donation?

  • Ruhama Foundation works all over the world. We build water and ensure communities have safe and clean drinking water.
  • For sustainable solutions, we are not only installing water pumps but also building water tanks.
  • With your support, we can provide clean and safe drinking water. You are helping people find a means of life and preventing the lack of pure water sources.
  • We also provide education and training to help communities maintain and manage their water sources. We also train the communities through our expert volunteer team to maintain hygiene. So don’t be too late to donate our pure water program now.