We are committed to developing the society.


Illiteracy affects millions of people around the world, mainly in unprivileged communities. Most of our adult people are far from education. Without education, they will be a burden for society. We, the Ruhama Foundation, arrange an adult literacy program for our poor older people. We are committed to developing the society.

By offering adult literacy classes, we want to create awareness of education values and teach them according to the Quran and Sunnah. We also provide them with all educational materials and skills so they can gain the confidence to change their lives.

Adult Education

How does an adult literacy program work?

  • We empower the program to reflect the foundation's aim. We aim to empower individuals by providing adult literacy.
  • Through this program, we support adult literacy centres in unprivileged areas.
  • We provide education and training so that they improve their reading, writing, and skills.
  • We can help to break the barriers of poverty and improve their lives.