Together, we can change a chapter of life!

The Ruhama Foundation plays a vital role in organizing sponsorship for orphans. We aim to provide comprehensive support to the orphan children. We work closely with local communities; our volunteer team helps find the orphan child. Through this program, we, The Ruhuma Foundation, offer financial help to these children and ensure love and care for them.

We build a centre for orphans and provide them with education, food, and shelter support. We are committed to giving them a bright future.

How Ruhama Foundation Supports Orphans

  • We, the Ruhama Foundation, use the donation to invest in long-term support for the orphan children's future. For over 20 years, we have supported orphan children as part of our mission. By donating, our team helps poor children impacted by war and poverty get into education, shelter, healthcare, and food. However, we support Muslim country people. Now it's time to Donate to Gaza’s innocent people and most probably children.


Orphane donation
  • Our program matches orphaned children with sponsors who financially support their care and education. Sponsors receive regular updates on their sponsored child's progress, including academic performance, health, and well-being reports.
  • We aim to provide children with a safe place, essential healthcare, and education. With your donation, we create a fund for orphans, offer family support to them, and develop long-term solutions. We spread it globally and by their side to improve education according to Islam and nurture livelihood. Every child deserves a chance to reach their full potential.


How can I contribute to the sponsorship for orphans program?

You can make a difference by exploring our website’s donation page, which offers a variety of ways to support orphan sponsorship. Your kindness will directly improve the lives of these children.

Can I pay for my orphan sponsorship annually?

Yes, you can pay for orphan sponsorship annually. To arrange this, please get in touch with our supporter care team at +1 773 966 8774 or email us at [email protected].