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Do you imagine yourself as a hungry person? Or do you think that your family is crying for food? They are waiting for food every day, but there is no food. How do you feel about that? If you have the brotherhood, you will never want another brother of your community to go hungry. Donate to us to reduce the survival of the hungry. We, the Ruhama Foundation, run the free food basket program.

To guarantee that no child or adult goes hungry, the Ruhama Foundation collaborates with communities worldwide to provide vital food support.

We know that nutrition and hunger are the central issues affecting millions. During crises, we provide free food baskets to needy individuals and families.

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How does The Ruhama Foundation provide food?

  • Our program provides needy families with essential food items such as rice, beans, cooking oil, and other staples.
  • We work with local partners and volunteers to identify families most in need and distribute food baskets regularly.
  • With your support, we provide emergency packets to families in crisis. We also distribute iftar during Ramadan and fresh meat During Qurbani.