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Free education

Free Education

For all Muslims, regardless of gender, education is not only a responsibility but also a right.

Across the world, billions of children do not get proper education. Every child has the right to get an education. Education is key to a better future by providing opportunities to learn essential skills, develop confidence, and break free from poverty. At Ruhama Foundation, we organise a free education program to make education accessible for poor children.

One effective strategy to end the cycle of poverty and make a better future is through education. It allows people to reach their full potential, acquire new skills, and gain confidence. We, the Ruhama Foundation, know the value of education. We want to empower the communities and prevent poverty through our free education program.

We aim to ensure all children get primary education. Not only that, but we also provide adult education opportunities to assist this poor person.

By making educational investments, we can help end the poverty cycle and build a better future for everyone.


How Does Our Free Education Program Work?

Children's education is one of the most significant factors affecting the future of underprivileged communities worldwide. We firmly believe in the importance of education, learning, and development. We ensure every kid receives a solid education and acquires the necessary skills to develop their future.

  • With your donation, the Ruhama Foundation rehabilitates schools and supports education centres in unprivileged areas.
  • We provide textbooks and educational materials to the students for free.
  • We also provide uniforms for students.
  • We also support schools and centres by providing nutrition to ensure children's health.
  • We provide Islamic education to the students.