Welcome to RUHUMA Foundation, a non-profit USA-based organization. Our mission is to help people in need. We focus on unprivileged people's lives and assist in improving them. We arrange various community programs to give them a better day. Our main goal is to ensure everyone gets basic things like food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, and spiritual guidance.

We work with local partners and have a volunteer team that helps us find needy people. We alone can not change the world, but we can create a wave to change so many. We believe in humanity, and our ultimate purpose is to create a vibe in a community to make a better world for all. Since our establishment, we have worked hard to make a positive change and justice for all. We follow the Islamic faith in our every activity. Our purpose is to conduct religious service, teach, and spread knowledge of the Islamic faith to Muslims and non-Muslims. With donations, we build mosques, libraries, and education centres. We aim to show Islam in different religions, and we hope that everyone understands Islam better.


The mission of the RUHAMA Foundation is to uplift communities. They uplift worldwide by guaranteeing clean water, shelter, healthcare, and education. By empowering people, we promote self-reliance and stand up for social justice. And positively impact a more just society where everyone can reach their full potential.


We, the RUHAMA Foundation, imagine a beautiful society where everyone can access necessities like safe housing, healthcare, clean water, and education regardless of circumstances. Our goal is to build a just and equitable society on a global scale. And enable them to reach their most significant potential.


Maulana Dr. Abulfattah Muniruzzaman, the founder of RUHAMA Foundation. He is a highly experienced teacher with more than 20 years of teaching section in Quranic Arabic Studies and Islamic Studies. He was from Bangladesh and completed his education in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Bangladesh education board. After that, he pursued his bachelor's degree at Madinah Islamic University, focusing on Arabic and Islamic studies subjects. Then, he completed his post-graduation and PhD in Arabic Studies from Barrington University in Iowa.
Maulana Dr Abulfattah Muniruzzaman is a well-educated man who teaches U'lumul Hadith to 12th graders. In addition to teaching 12th-grade U'lumul Hadith, he teaches Quranic Arabic Studies Juz' Amma to students in grades six, seven, and eight.
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Why do you donate to charity?

Seeing a smile on another face will make you more pleasant and heal your pain. You will get a reward from GOD by donating to charity. We get many advantages from our society. However, some unprivileged people live in society and do not get benefits from society. As a human being, we are responsible for our society to contribute to the betterment of society. You can not change the society alone. But your contribution to a lot of us can change the world.

According to the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), "Sadaqah wipes out sins in the same way that water puts out fire." [Tirmidhi]

Donating boosts mental health and makes you feel good. In religion, charity is the principle of generosity; if you wish for a good life for others, an excellent wish will come true. As Muslims, we are committed to sharing a tiny part of our wealth with others in need.