Free Healthcare

Every person has a fundamental right to get health and medical care. Unfortunately, this is far from a reality for millions living in developing nations who struggle to get healthcare.

In low-income countries, most unprivileged people suffer from many diseases and can not get access to proper health care.

Ruhuma Foundation's free health program helps access free healthcare services to those who need it.


How do we provide free health services?

  • We contact local partners to identify sick people who have not continued health care.
  • With your little support, we can deliver medical services to them.
  • Ruhama Foundation also provides medical consultation, treatment, and diagnostic tests to needy people with chronic illnesses.
  • We promote community wellness and health by offering treatment facilities and advice on good hygiene and health habits.

Approximately 1 billion individuals worldwide lack appropriate access to healthcare. With less than $1 a day, these people are well below the poverty line.

Give the Health Fund your Sadaqah and Zakat contributions. We implement many health programs worldwide, giving people most in need access to essential medical treatment, medication, and supplies.